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check-up, a tool developed by the child and family certain at the university of oregon which highlights evidence-based parenting skills in preventing initiation of drug use among youth. so as i close, we should remind ourselves that our good health is a gift. it is precious, it is fragile, and it's particularly fragile for our kids. so while we've made progress on a number of these issues, we need to redouble our efforts for prevention. we all can do more to help our kids enjoy a fighting chance for health. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, dr. koh. i've had the fortunate opportunity and unique one to interact with dr. koh and his staff over the last number of years on a number of initiatives, and currently, of course, working with dr. volkow and previously having the opportunity to work with our next speaker who is mr. gil coal kousky who was nominated by president obama and confirmed by the u.s. senate as director of the office of national drug control policy in the white house. in this position, he coordinates all aspects of federal drug control programs and implementatio
, and his wife kendra, who are in oregon where they have a small farm tawld tipping tree farm. we wish they could be here today, our grandson carter, who is a proud member of the university of oregon marching band, the ducks, who served as an intern for me -- not at government expense, by the way, that was at our expense. and our little dog dakota, who has become sort of a mascot of the united states senate. brian williams when he did a show on a day in the life of senate concluded that program by calling dakota the 101st senator. and, you know, i think he will be missed perhaps more than i am as i leave the senate. in 1964 i came here, i sat up in the gallery, in fact, it was the gallery right up here. and i was 16 years old. and i watched a debate in the united states senate. it was on civil rights. hubert humphrey was leading that debate. and it so inspired me that i thought, you know, someday i'd like to be down on that floor and i would like to debate the great issues of the day and i would like to represent the people of north dakota. and so i went home and wrote out on the back
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2